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Order Turnaround Time

Please note that the two week turnaround time which is automatically built in to every order is a goal of ours, it is not a guaranteed date that you will receive your order. Significant delays may be experienced during times of heavy usage by our customers, every order is important to us. Please know that all printing orders are processed in the order which they are received.


You may track your orders through the production process from beginning to end. While logged into your account, click on "My Orders", find the order that you are interested in and look at the last column "Status". If your order status is "Submitted, it means that we have not yet put it into production.



  1. Copying: We have state of the art copying equipment with the capacity to print both color and black only copies. Our equipment also has the capability of inserting your color pages into most black only publications.
  2. Color Copying: Please note that all color copies are chargeable to your school/department at a rate of .05 cents per each side of paper printed, plus the cost of the paper. The GL Code (general accounting ledger code) to which the color copies will be invoiced must appear on the printing order in the billing and delivery section for GL Code. See your school or department manager for the correct GL Code.
  3. Offset Printing: Offset presses are used to meet large, color, or high quality printing needs.
  4. Folding: Have your documents folded. We have the capacity to fold your documents in a variety of configurations.
  5. Laminating: Due to a shortage of resources, this service has been discontinued until further notice. This is a great way to preserve your documents. We have the capacity to laminate paper sizes ranging from 2" to 22.5".
  6. Drilling: We have the capability to drill from a single hole to three holes anywhere on your document.
  7. Transparencies: We can make black and white 8 1/2 x 11 transparencies.
  8. Cutting: We have the capacity to make cuts ranging from 2" to 30".
  9. Bindery: We can bind your document with a variety of options.




Please note that we do not supply any forms to the district. If you cannot find the District Approved Forms you need on OfficeDepot MyFiles, email your request to DPS@NPS.K12.VA.US.



When composing documents be sure to embed the fonts into the document.  I would venture to say that any composition program has a way to embed the fonts. If you type "Embed Fonts" into the help search of most programs, it will show detailed instructions on how to do so.


File Attachment/PDF Conversion

During the order process, when you attach your file, it will automatically be converted into a PDF. You will then have the opportunity to proof the PDF, ensuring that everything is correct before proceeding with the next step. Please note that if you decline the PDF, your original file will be uploaded with the print order. We will then convert your file and initiate a proofing process with you.



Please note that any scanned items inserted into your publications, in most cases, will not reproduce in a high quality manner.



Please feel free to share your suggestions or comments with us. You may e-mail the printing Services Manager, Dean Martin, at admartin@npsk12.com or just look for Arnold Martin in the Outlook address book.

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